Salient’s Collaborative Intelligence Suite (CIS)

New Capabilities

Salient’s Collaborative Intelligence Suite (CIS) unites in-memory analytical data processing and its content management engine with a cross-platform visual data mining user experience. The CIS enables a rich, holistic intelligence environment for executives, analysts, managers, customers and partners to explore, communicate and share actionable information to improve enterprise growth, profitability and efficiency.


Discover the Full Story

Use storyboard drill paths to optimize the investigative process and leverage insights more effectively.

For example, use storyboards to create company dashboard portals that provide snapshot views – then drill deeper and launch new dashboards about that segment or function.

screenshot of storyboards in dashboards

Introducing Power Viewer

The next breakthrough in dashboards.

Meet the newest addition to Salient Dashboards. Power Viewer gives users full control of their published dashboards, with these breakthrough capabilities:

Explore in any Direction

With Power Viewer, users can navigate through charts in all directions, beyond drilling down in a pre-defined path. Now, users can also change their dimension, simply by clicking the dropdown in the new interactive breadcrumb. To leverage this capability, Dashboard Designers can select the dimensions allowed for each widget, or unlock all in the widget to enable full exploration.

Insert any Measure

Users now also have the ability to select additional measures in their dashboards with the Power Viewer license. Simply click the Ruler Icon in the widget’s toolbar to insert measures. To leverage this new capability, Dashboard Designers can select the measures to allow in each widget, or select all available measures for the widget to enable full exploration.

These new capabilities are also now available on the iOS, Android and Windows apps for users with a Power Viewer license.

Mobile App

Salient Mobile brings the analytical power of Salient Dashboards directly to iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets. View, sort, filter and drill down with an all new optimized user experience that makes it easy to get to your answers in just a few taps. All published Salient dashboards are instantly available in Salient Mobile.

Along with seamless drill down capabilities, Salient Mobile includes flexibility features such as adjustable time frames, filters that can be saved for frequent use and an offline mode for viewing dashboards while disconnected from the server.


Try it now:

For Apple iPhones and iPads, go to the App Store and search for Salient.

For Android devices, contact Salient Support at
If you don’t have dashboards already, no problem! You can still try Salient Mobile on our demo datasets. Just contact Salient Support for the demoset IP address and login info.


See More at Once

Choose from a wide selection of charting and graph features to optimize your dashboard views and present your data clearly.

Save space and see all the relevant data in one place using a variety of graph options such as marker points and overlapping bar charts.

Use shared tooltips to easily compare numbers.

Highlight Performance

Quickly spot gains and losses or performance against goals using highlighting.

This feature is available in Comparative, Comparative Time Series, and Trend graphs to help users easily identify performance that falls within or outside of the expected ranges.

Any Color You Like

Along with creating custom backgrounds and customizing fonts and styles with content widgets, you can now use your own colors in comparative and trend graphs. For trend line and area graphs, you can also choose the line type and thickness.

Additionally, you can create your own color palette for pies and share trends as well as add new styles for tabs and carousels.

Color Picker

Design, Style & Branding

Take advantage of Salient Dashboard Designer’s capabilities to create a fully customized look that suits any purpose. Apply your own logos and styles that meet your company’s branding guidelines. Salient can help you create these unique designs as well. Contact us to learn more.

Chart Lines Branded Dashboard Example

Measure Display

Rename Measures

Rename Measures

Label measures however they make sense to your team. Maybe volume sold is too vague. Maybe margin doesn’t necessarily specify it enough. Or you could clarify labels further. For example, you could rename Units to How many we sold, or COGS to How Much it Cost.

group measures

Group Measures

Along with renaming measures, you can also group them. Create and display a group of measures related to inventory and sales for example.

Flexible Table Layouts

Swapped Table

Switch the rows and columns; for example, a swapped Comparative shows the members in columns and the measures in rows.

flexible table layout


Place the data in a table that shows detailed performance metrics for the member you are focused on rather than comparing members. The measures are displayed in rows. Columns show values (This and/or Last), difference, percent change, mix, average, and/or budgets for each measure.

flexible table layout

Swapped Scorecard

This view switches the rows and columns of the standard scorecard.

flexible table layout

Share URL

Using the Share URL button, Viewers can now share edited dashboards with fellow users. Simply make the desired changes and then click to access a temporary URL that includes the dashboard modifications, such as filters applied or drilled-in views. Users can copy this URL to save for viewing later, or to share the live dashboard with other users.

Ease of Use

Smart Login

No need to choose between Viewer or Designer upon login. The system recognizes your username and logs you in accordingly.

Date Range Workspace

Workspace filters are now automatically set to encompass the dates of all widgets in the dashboard. This enhancement allows users to select from members with data for any relevant date without extra setup.

More Flexible Graphs

More options are now included in trend charts for choosing line types, thicknesses and colors.

Smart Dashboards Login

Add Data Labels

Data labels can now be enabled in the graph views to show the values represented by the lines, bars, or areas.

Charting Data Labels
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Embed Dashboards on the Web

It is now possible to embed dashboards inside of other existing web sites using iframes. For example, embed a dashboard on your company intranet and take advantage of the extra built-in user accessibility and security.

Analytical Workstation

(Salient Interactive Miner)

Scheduled Macros

Get the information automatically delivered to you, on time.

Automatically run macros as part of Windows scheduled tasks and parameters provided by the CIS Workstation. For example, you can schedule a macro to send a daily report each morning.


Email Alerts

Deliver actionable intelligence straight to your inbox. Choose from a number of options to view email alerts using macros.

To facilitate sharing of information, macros can email results to multiple recipients. The results are attached to an email with the subject and message of your choice. You can either attach the results to the email or embed them within the email itself.

Show by Collection

Compare multiple collections at once, all within the same analysis. Do you want to measure the promotional effectiveness of several campaigns, or compare costs of multiple groupings? Now you can in even more analyses.

Compare custom groupings with each other and with the total of all members. For example, group all products that were discounted into a collection and create another collection of similar products that were not discounted in order to compare sales volume for the two groups over time.


Export to Microsoft Excel® 2010

View data exports from the CIS Workstation in the .xlsx format. Export data as a macro, email, or file. The Excel 2010 format allows 1.04 million rows and 16.3 thousand columns.

Enhanced Net Counts

Advanced Unique Count capabilities now handle a wider range of constraint-based analyses.

The new Netted Unique Counts will only count a key or dimension when the chosen data field aggregates to greater than zero. This allows for analyses to factor in things such as returns or voided out records. In addition, the advanced Unique Counts work across multiple cubes.

Unique Netted Counts

More Visibility in Delta Maps

Delta Maps are now more descriptive, making it easier to view and compare group mixes. Group names now appear as headings while subgroup names appear in their own block on the analysis. Headings now also include the percent change figures to show accurate change in growth, instead of a simple arrow indicating gain or loss.

Improved Crosstab View

Now you can view actual values for This and Last date ranges together with difference and percent change in a Crosstab numbers view that compares date ranges. A new data toggle button lets you switch between actual values, difference/percent change, and both actual values and difference/percent change.

New formatting for Crosstab Views
New UI Enhancements New Axis Setup

Ease-of-use and Appearance

We’ve freshened up the overall appearance of our desktop user interface to give it a brighter look and a more intuitive user experience.

  • Drag and drop axes in comparative and trend graphs
  • Easier sorting features in tables
  • Cleaner formats in numbers views and lists


Enhanced Bookmarks for Geo

Salient Geo Bookmarks now store custom map layer settings to make sharing Geospatial analyses much easier. For example, you can save a Bookmark that shows road and waterway layers together with a specific Map Marker size while using a different set of layers and settings for another bookmark.

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